Better SA is registered as a Trust IT021100/2014(D) and is a proud Mandela Day partner, NPO number 151-998-NPO and PBO number 930053976

Better SA was founded in September 2014 with the aim of making it as easy and rewarding as possible for South Africans to volunteer.

There is a strong desire/intention to volunteer amongst South Africans but it is very difficult for casual volunteers to walk into an organisation and get involved and even more challenging to set up a volunteering initiative.

At Better SA we realised that a middle man was required to facilitate the interaction between NGO’s, who could benefit from volunteers but don’t have the time or resource to manage volunteer programs, and volunteers looking for fulfilling opportunities that make the best use of their time and skill. Better SA is that middle man.

Whether a volunteer has 2 hours a year to give or 20 hours, this time can make a significant impact in the life of someone less fortunate. Better SA fully facilitates all volunteer experiences to ensure volunteers, and the recipients of their time and skill, get the most out of the experience. Thanks to Better SA and its first of its kind hop on hop off volunteer bus service, the only requirement from volunteers is to arrive at one of our bus hubs, and Better SA will do the rest.

By eliminating all barriers to volunteering, Better SA hopes to unlock the potential of tens of thousands of volunteers thus trigger a volunteering revolution and movement.

Better SA’s bus service is currently operating in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We need the help of our supporters to expand nationally and so ask everyone to sign up for a My School card and add Better SA as a beneficiary.

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