Better SA works with a number of organisations across Johannesburg and across all sectors. We send volunteers to some of these organisations, we source volunteers from some of them and some are even implementation partners. If your organisation would like to work with Better SA please email us on

Boys And Girls Club, Pimville, Soweto

The Boys and Girls Club is an American organisation that has two clubs in South Africa, both in Soweto.

This organisation focuses on providing a safe and fun environment for kids after school, where the kids can do extra mural activities, play sports, learn new things and do their homework.

The aim is to keep kids off the streets and prevent them from mixing with the wrong crowds or just getting up to mischief by filling their ‘out of school’ time with fun and productive activities.

This organisation has been running for more than a century, and Boys & Girls Clubs in the US annually serve nearly 4 million young people in over 4,100 Clubs. Better SA has been running educational activities at the Pimville Club since June 2015, resulting in a significant improvement in the kids’ Maths and English marks.

Marang House, Northcliff

For the unfortunate, whose parents cannot afford constant medical care, supervision and a suitable environment, the likelihood of overcoming chronic illness is minimal at best. For the fortunate who are relegated to a daily routine of testing, dialysis and the uncertainty surrounding an organ transplant, hope is often a hard thing to muster. It was upon seeing this trauma that Marang House was founded in 1998, a ray of hope and sunshine for South Africa’s seriously ill children.

Marang House supports children from 4 years old to 14 years old providing them with a home environment where they can learn to manage their illnesses. These children suffer from serious illnesses that require constant monitoring and regular treatment at a tertiary hospital. The children are brought to the hospital each day where they receive not only training on how to manage their disease, but also traditional education as well.

Better SA has run several educational volunteer events at Marang House as well as a ‘Princess for a day’ pamper party where the girls in the home got their makeup and nails done and played with loads of dress up costumes.

Park Care Old Age Home, Parktown West

Park Care was established in 1961 by the D.R. Church to provide care and nursing services to 80 elderly individuals. Since its establishment Park Care has undergone three extensions in 1972, 1988 and 2003.

Today, Park Care now has 6 buildings on the premises and has a capacity of caring for 310 residents. The centre focuses on providing nursing care to the chronically sick and/or mentally or physically frails persons from the age of 16 years and upwards.

Better SA has been visiting the elderly residents of Park Care since February 2015, with volunteers giving the ladies manicures, giving hand massages, playing card and board games with the residents or taking walks around the Park Care grounds.

Prettify Your Township

The Prettify your Township project was established after seeing the need in pre schools in dilapidated conditions in townships. The aim of the project is beautifying the pre-schools by painting them in brightly coloured themes of wildlife, shapes, nature, and other artwork. Most pre-schools only have basic resources and welcome the joy and upliftment a bright and fun mural brings.

Creches gifted with murals report an increase in attendance and an increase in applications. The murals also bring colour and joy to the neighbours around the pre-schools.

Better SA and Prettify your Township have painted over 12 pre-schools, schools and libraries together and our painting events are Better SA’s most popular volunteer events.

Other Partner Organisations

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